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01:57 pm: And Autumn fades into Winter
We are half way through Autumn and I feel as though I may have missed it. Between full time work, budgeting, wedding planning and convalescing, I have only just realised that we are two months into Autumn.

Autumn is my favourite season, but here it has been unseasonably warm for the first month and the second month has been all over the place. Today is blustery, cold and overcast with a promise of rain. This is the Autumn weather I have been pining for. Unfortunately we are all sick and have spent the last few days inside in bed. Today has been no exception. I want to spend all day out in that blustery wind, enjoying the change of weather, the leaves and the promise of more change, however the current coughing fits that come with illness and cold air have prevented too much of this.

So we shall have to spend the day rugged up indoors staring out into the beautiful world and thinking about the promise of more days like today.

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