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05:36 pm: How quickly they grow
I think a lot about how fast my daughter is growing and changing and I try to remember all the little things she says and does that one day she will love to hear me recount, however, I realise now that it all happens so fast that sometimes you have to write these things down.

She has transitioned from saying "I la you" to "I love oo"

She says drink with a guttural "gunk" sound.

She loves glitter.

She doesn't like the stringy bits on a banana. She calls it the bananas hair.

She thinks freckles are sores and when she sees them she says "Lulu, little bit sore."

She is obsessed with the moon and has been since she could say moon, about 6 months ago.

She loves Harry Potter (the first movie because the rest are too scary) and Dr Who (though that is also too scary most of the time).

When something frightens her she cries out "mummy!" and then whispers "cary!"

She speaks in the third person but has just learned how to say "its mine"

She loves peas, kidney beans, blueberries and strawberries. She also likes crackers and asked me often for "cackas."

The word sparkly sounds like "bokey" when she says it.

She likes going to school and when I picked her up yesterday she blew kisses to the staff to say goodbye.

She is obsessed with animals. She loves horses, cats, dogs and rabbits the most. She is a little too confident with them which is funny because less than four months ago if she saw an animal that wasn't our cat she would cling to me, try to climb me and shout "mummy up!"

She is also afraid of thunder.

She calls my bras and swim tops "mummy's boobies" and if she sees a guy without a shirt on she says "nudie rudie. boobies."

She is obsessed with belly buttons and rocks. Her pockets are always full of little rocks from outside and I have to make sure that I check her clothes before they go in the machine.

She likes to clarify that it is hot or sunny but not both. If you say it is hot and sunny she says, "is hot. not sunny." or "not hot. is sunny."

She says "tanks" when you give her something she wants. It is super cute. She still is a little less frequent with please.

She loves the water and wants to go swimming whenever she sees water. "Mummy, Lulu fwimming? Lulu water?"

She is also curious and often says "mummy, wots dat?"

She loves trains and will tell you if she sees trains, train tracks or the station.

And she makes up songs. She sings them about everything and everyone. At the moment she mostly sings about her uncle Josh. "Jo-o-osh" and will sing at length.

She is starting to establish an idea of belonging. She will see our grandparents house and says "Ganny's house" (Granny's house) and then next doors house - "another persons house" and our house is "Lulu's house, or, mummy's house"

This week she also learned how to say aunty. She is picking up new words all of the time and it is so beautiful to hear her say them. She repeats them to herself too when she plays or thinks that nobody is there to hear her. Her learning method I suppose.

She is obsessed with her soft toys too and wants them all to come to bed with her and dummy and snuggly (her comfort blanket) and she still likes a bottle of milk (she says "mulk") before she goes to bed. It is very sweet.

Two has been a difficult journey for us so far, there has been moving states, adjusting to new living situations, starting a new childcare centre and both parents working. Two has been challenging behaviours, screaming and biting and hitting, anger and frustration. Two has been full of love, tight squeezing cuddles, reading stories in her room, kisses and "I love oo's". Two has been a big change for all of us.

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