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06:43 pm: On finding space and a place with my family
I am writing from a tiny granny flat in the back end of Glenbrook where we have made ourselves a little quiet place to stay. It was advertised as a b’n’b wellness retreat, but its not really what I would consider to be worth $750/week. Renting a granny flat would have been cheaper and more well equipped because at least we would have had a stove top.

This place is kitted out with a sink and a microwave and a bar fridge. It’s not a place I would stay at again but it has really made a difference in our lives to have this small private space during this big transition time.

So instead of being crammed into a tiny room at my parents with no door, we have a two bedroom space with an ensuite bathroom. A room for the baby to sleep in and a room for us. Bliss. It has made me realise that when I finally buy/build my own house, I really don’t need as much space as I think I do. It is enough to have the basics for life and the rest is a luxury. There a people all over the world who do not even have the basics and thinking on this has made me grateful for the space and time I have with my family to enjoy their company and spend time with them.

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