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04:29 pm: Finding houses, having babies and old friends
As I return to LJ, my old friend, I farewell an old friend who has passed last night at the age of 26. She had cystic fibrosis and despite a lung transplant a few years ago she began to struggle. She left this world the same day that David Bowie did and although I don't believe in heaven I would like to think that perhaps they travelled together somewhere.

This January also marks the fourth anniversary of a dear friend passing from a drug overdose. I think about him often but at this time of year I think of his parents who lost their only child.

Meanwhile I gaze upon the blonde haired spectacle that is my daughter. January marked the two year anniversary of her birth and I love her more than I could have possibly known. She has already developed a personality that is strong, friendly, vibrant, energetic (more than me) and water obsessed. Becoming a mother has definitely changed me, more than I realised and challenged me in ways I did not expect.

We are also currently house hunting in what I can only describe as the shit fest that is the rental market at the moment. I just want to find a clean house with a small yard and enough space to put a fold out bed in the lounge room for visitors. Apparently in the area we are looking, that starts at roughly half a grand per week. We are not even looking in a nice area. How has the rental market changed so much in such a short period of time? It is quite disheartening and very disturbing and makes me realise how difficult it must be for some many families to get a rental property with the exorbitant asking prices and the shortage of houses for families.

Anyway, with any luck I will not have to live on the floor of my mothers computer room with a 2 year old. I will hopefully find something, even if it is ever so small. Anything at this point will make me feel better I think. I haven't lost hope yet, but the options do not inspire it.

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