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10:23 am: Rant time
Ok, now we have a maintenance company that regularly comes to maintain the property that my townhouse resides on. I take issue with the company as they are not real bright. Also, as my partner says, never trust a fat landscaper. This is a good rule of thumb. Anyway, there have been three incidents and I am now thoroughly pissed off at one particular member of the company about and this led to me yelling at him about 20 minutes ago.

Now I don't think that this man is a bad guy, just a little bit crap at his job. I will begin with his pruning technique in which he blindly hacks everything down until there are few leaves left on the plant, if any. Now, this works for the rose bush next door, but not the piney shrub at our house which we have watched slowly die over the last 10 months despite our best efforts to save it with water and various plant specific fertiliser. This made me sad for the plant and frustrated for us because that bush was the only cover we had in Summer on the west facing wall of our house. Now there is no cover and it means our house gets even hotter in Summer.

Second, the incident in which he was using a whipper snipper to cut some weeds next to my car and accidentally flicked a rock into my window and broke it, this was made worse by him trying to explain what he had done, although it was obvious, all the while breaking of more bits of the glass and tossing it on my back seat. He called a company and paid to replace the window, however, this took several days due to the window being an unusual size. Since the window was broken and replaced my car door rattles. I now have a constant reminder of this ass hat in my life.

Cut to today where I hear a blower vac outside my window and decide to peer out and see what is happening only to view the same guy blowing all the dirt in the back of the property off the driveway and under the clothes line where I have four loads of clean washing hanging…which are now covered in dirt. I came running out and started yelling at him. Now I have to wash yesterdays washing all over again, not to mention todays washing which is half done. To his credit, he called and reported the 'issue' to someone and asked if it could be passed along to body corporate.

I am irate about the entire situation. Trying to feed and put my baby to sleep with the sound of a mower and a blower vac going and then realising that my washing is completely ruined. I am unimpressed.

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